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Last call for registrations: IFG Regional Conference on Factoring in Moscow, 26 March. PDF Print E-mail
Международный факторинг
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 20:14

IFG holds its Regional Conference on Factoring in Central Eastern Europe on 26 March in Moscow, Russia. The conference is organised in cooperation with EBRD and Association of Factoring Companies (Russia).

More than 50 delegates from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Malta, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, UK, Italy, Austria and France have already registered.

Russian factoring crossed another frontier. PDF Print E-mail
Международный факторинг
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 20:06

The Association of Factoring Companies analyse Russian factoring market growth in 2012.

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Международная факторинговая группа IFG проводит опрос. PDF Print E-mail
Международный факторинг
Saturday, 16 February 2013 12:13

IFG приглашает факторинговых профессионалов принять участие в опросе в рамках корректировки стратегии маркетинга и улучшения потребительских качеств своего ресурса.


IFG welcomes new Partner Member in Belarus, Belinvestbank JSC. PDF Print E-mail
Международный факторинг
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 00:00

IFG is happy to announce that Belinvestbank JSC has become Partner Member of IFG.

Belinvestbank JSC is one of the biggest banks in Belarus. It was founded in September 2001 by merger of Belbusinessbank (1992) and Belarusian bank of Development (1997). Today the Bank is a financial institution that provides a wide range of services such as consumer banking, corporate lending, cash management services, securities trading, foreign exchange transactions, money and stock markets, brokerage and others. The Bank has an extensive branch network throughout the country which contributes to its ability to offer high quality and prompt services to the clients. Presently the Bank serves more than 38 000 corporate and 1 000 000 retail clients.

Прямые инвестиции могли бы помочь факторингу. PDF Print E-mail
Международный факторинг
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 20:36

Одним из инструментов, за счет которого факторинговые компании могли бы увеличить собственный капитал, может стать участие в капитале фондов прямых инвестиций (ФПИ). Сообщил управляющий партнер Central Asia Factor Жомарт Есентугелов.

«Вливания со стороны ФПИ  могли бы не только увеличить финансовые возможности факторинговой компании. Вместе с финансированием ФПИ привносят новые технологии управления, консалтинг, который помогает оценить бизнес процессы со стороны»,  - считает Есентугелов.

Global Alliance Will Provide a Unified Voice to Promote the Benefits of Factoring and Asset-Based Lending to Businesses, Regulators and Policymakers Around the World. PDF Print E-mail
Международный факторинг
Monday, 04 February 2013 21:10

NEW YORK AND BRUSSELS, February 4, 2013 – The Commercial Finance Association (CFA) and the International Factors Group (IFG) announced today a strategic alliance to help increase awareness and understanding of the role of factoring and asset-based lending as an efficient way to provide capital to small and mid-sized businesses around the globe. 

The new, global partnership outlines plans for CFA and IFG to coordinate efforts to enhance the value and benefits each organization provides to its members.  As part of that linkage, CFA and IFG members will work together at CFA’s International Lending Conference in London, May 8-10 and IFG’s Conference on Asset-Based Lending and Supply Chain Finance on October 23-24, 2013 in Istanbul.

As part of the new relationship, CFA and IFG will combine their industry expertise and advocacy capabilities to work together to promote the adoption of effective, modern and streamlined, secured transaction laws around the world.

“By combining the synergies of our two organizations, this alliance will enable us to undertake a truly global initiative to help businesses, lending institutions and governments around the world gain a deeper understanding of how factoring and asset-based lending provides essential working capital to small and mid-sized businesses, supporting economic growth and job creation in every corner of the world in an efficient, cost-effective manner,” said CFA CEO Robert Trojan.

“We are pleased CFA and IFG have established a strategic partnership that will encourage mutual exchange of information of our respective organizations, allowing our members to gain additional business opportunities in markets around the world, “said IFG Secretary General Erik Timmermans. “As the economy becomes more globalized, it is critical that trade groups such as ours combine forces to work together to promote our industry,” added Mr. Timmermans.

About CFA

Founded in 1944, the Commercial Finance Association is the trade group of the asset-based lending and factoring industries, with nearly 300 member organizations throughout the U.S., Canada and around the world. CFA provides education, networking opportunities and industry advocacy on a domestic and international basis to the commercial finance community. CFA members include the asset-based lending arms of domestic and foreign commercial banks, small and large independent finance companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, floor plan financing organizations, factoring organizations and financing subsidiaries of major industrial corporations.

About IFG

Founded in 1963, the International Factors Group is the worldwide association of more than 150 members in more than 60 countries who are associated with factoring and asset-based financing activities. IFG supports its members in existing markets, helps the industry to develop in new markets and facilitates international trade between members. Thinking globally, but acting locally, IFG teams up with national associations such as the New York-based Commercial Finance Association and founded the EUF, representing 14 national and international Factoring associations on EU level. The IFG Secretariat is headquartered in Brussels and the association is organized into regional chapters in Asia, Central East Europe, Africa and Latin America.


For more info please contact:

Erik Timmermans, rep. Secretary General of IFG
Avenue Roger Vandendriessche 18/15
1150 Brussels
Phone: +32/(0)2.772.69.69
Fax: +32/(0)2.772.64.19

Website: www.ifgroup.com


Source: FACTORing PRO

Микс-фактор. PDF Print E-mail
Международный факторинг
Saturday, 02 February 2013 10:31

Чтобы нарастить портфель, банки стали активнее предлагать торговым предприятиям факторинг без регресса, принимая на себя все кредитные риски.

В условиях высокой стоимости кредитных ресурсов интерес компаний к операциям факторинга стабильно растет. В прошлом году в данном сегменте количество игроков увеличилось, и стали доступны новые, ранее почти не предоставлявшиеся виды факторинга. В частности, услуга факторинга без регресса, при которой фактор (факторинговая компания или банк) приобретает у клиента право на всю сумму задолженности. Однако стоимость финансирования все еще находится на высоком уровне — в пределах 22-27% годовых.

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